Ten 2020 Travel Essentials That Won’t Break the Bank

Ten 2020 Travel Essentials That Won’t Break the Bank

This year, travel smarter than you ever have before. You may be surprised by how affordable it can be to achieve more efficient, comfortable travel with just a few simple items. The following list is comprised of items that will beneficially impact your next trip without taking a huge chunk out of your wallet.

1. Passport Holder 

The first step to confidence while traveling is securing all your irreplaceable valuables, specifically your passport. It’s always recommended to keep a copy of your passport in a separate bag while traveling, but an additional safety precaution that most recommend is a designated travel holder for your passport.

A good travel holder will have RFID blocking to prevent unwanted scans and stealing of personal information, as well as plenty of secure pockets and water resistance material. The size of a passport holder can vary to as large as a travel wallet or a barely noticeable pouch designed to fit under clothing. A highly recommended passport holder can be found online for under $20 and provides peace of mind that is priceless. 

2. Daypack 

The perfect travel daypack cannot be understated. The ideal bag will be lightweight, durable, and a compact size that will hold everything you’ll need for a day exploring the city or a casual day hike. The good news is that a backpack that does it all doesn’t have to cost more than $20.

The Outlander Travel Backpack is one recommendation that fulfills all these requirements, and even comes in a variety of colors. This backpack folds and zips into a small square weighing under half a pound, saving you room and weight in your luggage, while still able to hold 33L inside. Additionally, this backpack is resistant to water and weather and created specifically to resist the wear and tear of traveling. Reviewers have had resoundingly positive feedback about this daypack, proving that a bag doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be invaluable. 

3. Water bottle 

Traveling throws your body out of whack and increases exposure to different atmospheres, people, and germs. Not staying properly hydrated compromises your overall health and leaves you feeling exhausted – a feeling no one wants while on vacation. Hydration is often hard to maintain while traveling, which is why a reusable water bottle is one of the most important items on this list.

Reusable water bottles are an inexpensive way to ensure you always have water with you while you’re on the go and some travel bottles are even made to collapse when not full. An added bonus is also knowing you’re cutting back on single-use plastic and reinforcing an eco-friendly travel habit. 

4. Portable charger 

A portable charger is invaluable while you’re traveling and constantly in motion. It allows you the flexibility of sitting away from the crowded charging stations in airports, will keep your phone active while touring around a new city, and guarantee you’ll never miss documenting a memory while out hiking for the day.

Portable chargers should be lightweight, small enough to fit in a pocket, and charge your devices quickly. Found at a variety of prices, portable chargers under $30 are a low-cost addition to your travel bag that you’ll quickly find you cannot live without. 

5. Headphones

Travel days can be long and stressful, so headphones are an ideal way to get some time alone when you’re required to be among crowds.

Music, podcasts, or books on tape are an excellent way to pass the time while in transit, but the quality of your headphones can make a drastic difference in your ability to tune out the noise around you. Headphones can be expensive, but there are plenty of options at a lower cost that are still high value, like these over-the-ear headphones or these more casual sport-clip headphones.  

6. Personal Care

Not only does traveling exhaust you, but it’s hard to feel fresh while moving through different environs and hopping on and off of airplanes, buses, or trains.

A couple small items that should always earn a place in your travel bag are lotion and face wipes. These two things will refresh you after a long plane ride or during a full day out and about. 

7. Packing cubes 

The best way to remain organized during your travels is to utilize packing cubes. Packing cubes will turn your suitcase from a tangled mess into an extension of your dresser back home.

With everything in its proper place, packing cubes will save you valuable time trying to find that shirt or pair of socks and more time out exploring on your vacation. 

8. Wrinkle Release Spray

After carefully tucking your clothes away in your packing cubes, the one inevitable downside of suitcase travel is wrinkles. There’s not always time or the ability to iron, so the go-to travel fix is a wrinkle spray. Inexpensive and travel-sized, this spray will keep you presentable no matter where you’re going. 

9. Tide To Go

A practical tool for anytime, Tide To Go is the perfect way to remain stain-free while traveling. Often it’s inconvenient and expensive to do laundry while traveling, so compact Tide To Go sticks easily become your ally when battling splattered food or drinks. 

10. Travel Snacks 

Sometimes it’s hard to know when your next meal will be or if you’re going to like your airplane dinner. It’s always a good idea to have a reserve of snacks, like granola bars or fruit or nuts, to make sure you don’t get hangry while on the road. RXBARs are a popular high protein, healthy bar that will stick with you and give you the energy you need. Whatever your fancy, pack your snacks ahead of time to avoid costly airport snacks and keep yourself happy.


Adding these items as your travel staples this year will leave you feeling more prepared before traveling, ease your travel days, and support your adventures during your vacation. All these items can be purchased for under $50, most for under $20. There’s no question; these affordable options will be the positive difference in your travel experiences this year. 

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