Best International Trip Ideas for Solo Female Travelers

Top 5 (And Safest) Solo International Trips For Females

Solo female traveling is a rare gift for adventurous people. It’s a chance to learn many things; meet fun-loving people, and visit numerous places without barriers.

As a solo traveler, you don’t have to wait for someone to wake up in the morning, holding on to luggage as they go to the bathroom – the list is endless for the things you have to endure when traveling with family or a companion. But that is not our focus now.

Solo female travel gives you a lifetime adventure, meet like-minded fabulous travelers and immerse yourself in beautiful sceneries, from the lovely streets of Morocco to the beautiful landscapes of Thailand and the lush museums in Paris, France.

Welcome, solo girl traveler! Your escapade begins here.

You’re going to discover some of the most beautiful hidden travel spots around the globe. Where it’s okay to go alone and take lots of gifts and pictures for the world to see. 

We have come up with a list of destinations where you can go alone and feel safe, feel warmly welcomed and enjoy yourself as you discover new places and meet welcoming locals who enjoy their “me” time just as you do.

But where do you start?

1. Seville, Spain

Best for Socializing

Seville, Spain: Best Trip Ideas for Solo Female Travelers

In Sevilleyou feel the warmth of welcoming social people the minute you land. Socializing is a national gift, and not a single moment passes without a smile and an invite to dine, wine, or have some street affair adventure. To soak up the atmosphere and immerse yourself in a bucketful of activities, you don’t need a plan, go with the flow. Every day feels like Sunday, with numerous religious events and random marching processions – you only need to join in and live it up! It’s easy to start a conversation with locals, at least for those who can speak a little English, or you can hold your own with some Spanish words if you haven’t yet mastered the language. But this shouldn’t be a problem.

Experience the Feria de Abril, a holiday of some kind where locals dress up in 1890’s fashion and spend the entire week dancing and day drinking in cases (colored tents). You can go hiking on slow days and stroll on the streets at night, enjoying street food and an air of vibrancy all around you. Wear bright-colored clothes to blend in easily. 

If you feel chocked by all the friendliness, retreat to a quiet evening and watch the warm skies with an age-old fine wine or visit a spa and melt away in the hands of an experienced masseuse.

2. Paris, France

Best for Museums 

Paris, France:  Best Travel Destination for Solo Female Travelers

Ever heard the saying the French are snobbish? It’s true. The city is a fashion magnet, it’s chocked with flamboyance, beauty and culture and classiness. Don’t be surprised to find lanky girls out and about with countless shopping bags binge shopping and giggling at each other. 

You’re safe in Paris. The security is tops if you stay along the main streets. During the day, you can binge at the gigantic museums starting with the Louvrethe Rodin museum and indulge your senses with exotic paintings and bold sculptures. Buy a Paris Museum Pass for 74 euros valid for entry at 50 different museums for six days. 

For accommodation, choose a guest house in the city, at a central and walkable location. You don’t want to spend too much on cab fare; it’ll eat up most of your traveling cash. A decent place goes for $40 per night, but if you prefer comfort and room service, you can stay in the heart of the city from $100 onwards.

3. Croatia

Best for Seafood and White Beaches

Croatia: Best Travel Destination for Solo Female Travelers

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s best tourist hub – a little pricey – but good on its offer. Enjoy the best of everything, and soak up fine cuisine, delicious age-old wine, exotic seafood, fresh cheese, and sunbathe at the world’s cleanest and beautiful gorgeous coastline. Croatia does not disappoint if you’ve got cash to spend. Sunbathe and pamper yourself to refreshing spas as you sip excellent cocktails and eat fresh fruits every day.

Order oysters in Ston, an ancient village with abundant historical sites to visit and a variety of seafood to sample. Visit Zadar, an island town with beautiful social locals and while you’re there taste the wine at the bar surrounded by it is, after all, one of Croatia’s most touristic cities.

Stroll up Croatia’s Dalmatian seashore and sunbathing at exotic spots as you sip red wine, sample home-made sheep’s cheese, and all the seafood you want. The towns offer a place where you can indulge with a limited budget as a solo female traveler. No matter where you visit along this alluring aqua-green island, end your night into a bar and sample crazy cocktails all night as you dance to the music without a care for tomorrow!

4. Thailand

Best for Street Food, Serene Beaches, and Water Activities

Thailand: Best Travel Destination for Solo Female Travelers

In Bangkok, abandon any inhibitions and be ready to forge alliances with peer solo travelers. To enjoy your stay, you can put up in a hostel with female dorms and shared amenities, or you can stay solo at a guest house. Bangkok is a preferred destination for solo travelers, so you’ll make friends pretty quickly and team up for the million things to do and countless places to visit around the crowded city.

If you’re not into socializing, venture out into the small towns in Koh Yao Noi – a small secluded Island Outside of Bangkok, the perfect out of civilization coastal escape for a meditative holiday.

You’ll find one or two of charming restaurants and sleep to the sound of grouchy crickets.

In terms of security, it is safe to stay on one of the few guest houses as a solo traveler– far better compared to the crowded Bangkok city

You won’t find any scams around because tourists hardly visit the island.

Navigate around the serene beaches and national parks in a scooter. It is so safe here the locals leave their keys in the ignition all the time. To experience a little craziness and amazing cuisines, head back to Bangkok, and sample the street food, fresh fish, lobsters, grilled spicy chicken soaked in a mixture of spicy sauce. The list is endless.

There’s never a dull moment in Bangkok.

5. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Best for Photography

Chefchaouen Morocco - Best Travel Destination for solo female travelers

Chefchaouen is an enchanting place, with the rich architecture of beautiful landscape paintings and vibrant markets with chaotic medinas. Bring your camera along because this is a photogenic city, and everywhere you turn, there’s something to be snapped on film. Chefchaouen has countless blue-washed buildings sitting below the gigantic Rif Mountain region.

Visit the 11th-century leather tannery three hours south of Chefchaouen to the small town of Fez. Here, the leather specialists soak animal hides in limestone casks of cow urine, quicklime, pigeon feces, salt, and water. They then hang the hide to fry and dye them with organic spices. The locals are friendly and will enthusiastically offer to show you around the city. Indulge in sumptuous Arabic street cuisines and enjoy the site of excellent belly dancers in the evenings. Accommodation varies from simple guesthouses to decent hotels in the heart of the city—budget for $10-$50 per night.

The best part of traveling solo is that you collect precious gems from genuine people whom you hardly know but became your best traveling besties. You find terrific locals who will assist you everywhere you go, and you realize the world is just a small village with many borders.

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