Top 8 Ways To Save On Accommodation

Top 8 Ways To Save On Accommodation

        Taking a holiday, or short break is essential to all of us! We all need that disconnection time from work and everyday life, but we start to add up all the costs and become intimidated by the idea. Accommodation is a great part of your budget, at least 30%… so when you start searching for places to stay and see prices per night that reaching the high double figures, you start to forget the idea. However, this does not have to be the case, in fact there are lots of cost-effective ways to save on the consumption of your travel budget when finding a place to stay. So don’t be shy and book away! You will still be able to fit a cheap budget holiday into your high pressure lifestyle. Here we’ve come up with 8 excellent ways to save money on accommodation:

1. Why not stay in self-catering?

The market of self-catering, privately owned apartments provides travel budget goers with conveniently cheaper accommodation to hotels, as well as more space and privacy. Over recent years it has spiraled to an absolute peak, due to fluctuating flight and hotel costs steadily on the rise, especially in high season. It is true you might not have the same animation and service that a hotel offers, but you definitely save overall. You will find plenty to do exploring the surroundings of your holiday destination and there are options with pools on-site.  You can find some excellent short-term rentals online on these popular platform websites:

If the place is available you can also book last minute, on the day of arrival. However, it is important to remember that these sites are also subject to reviews from both the client and the landlord, if you have a bad history with other landlords on this site you may get rejected for further rentals. Take care to keep a good record and be respectful of your temporal lodgings. Remember to leave the place reasonably clean and avoid noise pollution, especially at night. 

2. Go Camping!!!

If you want to save on the long run then invest in a one off payment on camping material, either a tent, or go all out and buy your very own mobile home on wheels. Caravans are a costly investment but you have the freedom to go anywhere you like. You can also get camping furniture for your car and convert it into a basic mobile home. An idea, which is becoming increasing popular with more products and variations available now than ever. For example the, Berocia Car Bed Inflatable Camping Outdoor Mattress available on Amazon. If you opt for a cost-effective tent, then try the Coleman Sundome Tent, which is available to buy on AmazonPrime at 32.99$. You may not get the same comfort and you’ll be at the mercy to the weather man! However, it’s great fun to do in summer and provides for a great affordable getaway. 

Keep in mind it is prohibited in most areas to set up camp just anywhere and completely banned in Italy, Portugal and Croatia. You can find plenty of campsites travelling out to the countryside with cooking and toilet facilities to accommodate at low budget rates. I wouldn’t shy away from this idea, especially if you’re a lover of the great outdoors, it’s your ideal budget holiday. In the larger campsites you can find a wide range of activities to do onsite like hiking, cycling and climbing. 

3. Why not try shared accommodation? 

Hostels are a great affordable possibility for all budget travellers, especially if you’re travelling for extended amounts of time, alone or in big groups and of course on a low budget! There are different options starting with the most basic rate staying in a shared dorm of multiple bunkbeds, which sleeps four plus people, or private double rooms if you can afford them. It is a great sociable way of meeting new people, so perfect for young groups and people travelling alone. 

You can make new acquaintances and benefit from cost-effective ways of cooking in groups and sharing food budgets. Hostels will more than likely offer cheap tickets and organise outdoor group activities to further enhance your experience! For those of you planning a prolonged trip with long-stays then you will find that most cheap accommodation of this kind will offer temporary work opportunities, either on-site or in the area to sustain yourself financially. 

There are other forms of travelling in shared accommodation, which are cost-effective like couch surfing and renting a room. These can be found on websites like:

4. Find a Bed and Breakfast

Not quite a hostel, or private self-catering apartment… A Bed and Breakfast accommodation is an excellent and affordable means for those who are looking for somewhere quiet and relaxing, and a little more homely. A large semi-detached house which has been typically converted into a mini hotel with private rooms decorated comfortably. They are popular in European countries, especially France and England. A cost-effective and quaint private residence, often ran by friendly families and couples who provide you with valuable, local tips to go exploring the surrounding area. As well as, a customary breakfast to kick start your day with a boost of energy! 

Remember to be cautious and respect you are in someone else’s residence though, don’t go mooching around unless you are invited to do so! It is important to keep quiet and low-key, so I wouldn’t recommend this option for big groups or families with young children. 

5. Save in all the inclusive hotels 

If you still want the luxuries of staying in a hotel, like the pool, in-house animation and room service, but you’re fearful of your travel budget adding up… go all-inclusive! Where you can expect all your food and drinks included in the accommodation price. Take full advantage of an extensive range of meal options and drinks throughout the day, however it may exclude certain supplements and premium brand alcohol. 

It is an ideal option for families and couples travelling on a budget, who are looking to avoid overspending eating out. Don’t forget when you have everything on your doorstep it makes for a more enjoyable and relaxing time too, which might be what you need! 

6. Book with a travel package 

       Another way to save on your overall travel budget is to book your accommodation with an entire package that includes flights, airport transfers, travel insurance and more. There are travel agencies who will cater to your whole holiday itinerary and offer bonus discounts on excursions. You will have a holiday representative to provide helpful information and attend any travel issues and complaints. This is an excellent option for families travelling in high season who want to budget their trip completely, as well as retired couples who require extra help and attention. Popular examples of companies working from the UK include:

7. Do your research and compare prices!!

If you’re booking accommodation online then you’re sure to find ways of saving money when you search through all the different web providers and platforms there to help you find the most competitive price.

Are good examples of websites that work as a gateway to all the different hotels and accommodation options out there, including self-catering apartments. They offer discounts, which fluctuate in and out of season with added reductions if you book in advance.  

There are other websites too, offering even greater discounts on selective hotels for limited times out of season and also to promote particular holiday packages. Such as,

8. Don’t go anywhere!

The most economic of all the options, but not the most obvious!… What’s to say you can’t enjoy a holiday in the comfort of your own home? It may be time for you to take some well earned time from work, however you can’t always afford to spend out big just to enjoy some leisure time. If this is the case then take a short break and simply stay in the comfort of your own home.  You will save immensely and get the chance to give your home a turn around if need be. 

As your saving completely on travel and  accommodation treat yourself to some entertainment and go out for a meal out or two locally. You can travel further afield for a day trip in the car or by train, visit a local attraction, or have a picnic in the park! It’s amazing what you can find to do in your area when your not stressing about work. You can also take the time to spend some quality time with friends and family. 

There is also the alternative of course, to stay with friends and family if they live further away and can accommodate. Another excellent opportunity to get away and not have to worry about your living costs!

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