How To Get From Island To Island In Hawaii A Guide To Hawaii Island Hopping

How to Get From Island To Island in Hawaii: A Guide to Hawaii Island Hopping

Hawaii is a beautiful happy place to vacation any time of the year. You can take short holiday breaks or plan a long holiday and island-hop to experience numerous sea activities and appreciate the stunning landscapes in all the Islands in Hawaii.

Hawaii has spectacular beaches, fascinating sea turtles, magnificent sea caves, and active volcanoes erupting red-hot lava every day. You’ll be spoilt for choice with water sports, not to mention the magnificent beaches sprawled across the four main islands.

We are all about island hopping in Hawaii; this is a detailed guide on how to get to one island to another for the best time of your life in this happy place. 

Hawaii Island Hopping

Hawaii Island Hopping – The best time to Visit 

There’s never a dull moment in this amazingly attractive island. But you’ll be comfortable in terms of weather if you plan a trip at the onset of winter or when the snow subsides. Winter runs from November to March. Winter gives you the perfect time to surf, as well as watch the whales in action. Summers are warm and perfect for swimming, snorkeling among other fun beach activities. Be warned, the summer air is hot and humid, not too good to enjoy your island hopping plans. 

How to Island Hop in Hawaii

1. Flights

Flying is the most convenient way to get from island to island since the flights are in plenty – with dozens of daily flights lasting an hour or less. Primary airlines that fly between the islands are:

Inter-island flights costs range from $100-$150, prices fluctuate with seasons. It’s best to grab your direct flight tickets way ahead of time to avoid too many layovers and wasting precious time in the airports. Pick midweek flights because the prices are relatively low, plus you get the best window seats!

2. Ferries

You can as well island hop-using ferries, but we do not recommend this option. It’s not reliable, and you will be extremely limited with Islands to visit with only two operating ferry routes:

Maui and Molokai islands on the Molokai Ferry (80 minutes)

Maui and Lanai Manele Bay on the Maui-Lanai Ferry (50 minutes)

3. Cruise Ships

Island hopping on cruise ships suits folks that don’t want the hustle of moving in crowded airports every few days, you just want to travel in style taking in every precious moment on the grand Hawaiian Islands. It’s not cheap either, but you can plan for it, after all, there’s only one place to be as you savor in all the Islands in Hawaii – in a cruise ship.

Available Cruise options from the mainland:

Available cruise lines sailing between the Hawaiian Islands:

Hawaii Island Hopping Travel Plan

Since there’s so much to do on these islands we’ll keep the itinerary compact with 4 main islands to visit. All of these islands are stunning and filled with tons of activities and delicacies to enjoy.

A ten – day itinerary will accommodate trips to three islands giving you a compact vacation with little room to relax on the beach.

By visiting two islands, you can have more days to sightsee and relax at the beach and have tons of beach activities or, just taking it slow. However, if you have more than three weeks in Hawaii, island hopping is much easier with four to five visits on all the main Islands. 

Will it be hectic? Hell yes! But it will be worth it. And it will be the best time of your vacationing life.

Choosing which Hawaiian Islands to visit should be easy. You have to start from somewhere. The big Islands should be first (optional) i.e. Kauai Island, home to Volcanoes National Park, and Oahu, Honolulu/Pearl Harbor Island. Your third and fourth options should be Lanai and Maui Islands. 

The islands are varied – some rustic and rugged, while others more urban and glamorous. All have adventurous scenic hiking trails, underwater sports, great surfing spots, and concealed waterfalls. 

1. Looking For Flight Deals

Hawaii has only one international airport in Oahu – The Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye International, airport (HLN), you’ll find cheap flights from the mainland. Since you’ll most likely land from here, this should be the start and conclusion of your trip. However, you can find more non-stop cheap flights to Maui courtesy of the new South West airlines thanks to the new routes. 

2. Island Hopping

If you start on Kauai Island, from Honolulu International airport, you can opt to hire a helicopter and revolve around the jagged Na Pali coastline; it’s breathtakingly beautiful from an aerial view. Later head down to the beach and take a snorkel tour of the underwater marine adventure. Later, try the 11-mile hike on Kalalau trail (requires a permit) for a breath of fresh air and a romantic picnic on the backdrop of the waterfalls in Waipio Valley

On Oahu Island, The Pearl Harbor is a must-see, later on; hang out in Waikiki and Honolulu. If you’re into hiking, go to Diamond Head  and later on, unwind and chillax on Lanikai Beach – or snorkel at Hanauma Bay

On Maui, start your day with a beautiful sunrise as you drive towards Haleakala National Park, on the curvy road to Hana. Later on, drive down to the golden beaches of and Kaanapali and Napili Bay Beach to rest and relax. 

Lanai Island is ideal for honeymooners; this island is a tiny place of heavenly luxury and privacy. You will feel well secluded – with just one resort on the small Island. Enjoy the amazing beaches and landscape with your beloved, dine and wine like kings on this wonderful peaceful happy place. 

Truthfully, you’ll never have enough of Hawaii, no matter how many times you travel to this heavenly island. It’s a mix of everything put in one giant basket. From romance to luxury, peace, and tranquility, not to mention mad fun for adrenaline junkies, you’ll have the time of your life! Island hopping in Hawaii is the ultimate holiday for winter getaways to enjoy all the activities you’d like to do while here.

Tell us your side of the story if you recently visited Hawaii.

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